Kitchen Worktops

Our 100% acrylic solid surface gives you design versatility, renewability and reparability. It can be moulded to be shaped and curved and has the ability to virtually eliminate seam issues. Its easy maintenance and non-porous qualities make Wilsonart solid surfacing the perfect solution. Available in sheet form or as a full turn-key solution.

Key Information

Imagine the possibilities: a surfacing material that gives you design versatility, renewability and repairability, with the ability to virtually eliminate seam issues.

Our 100% acrylic solid surfaces is ideal for a wide range of applications, where you need a surface that looks good, performs well, and provides options that no other surfacing material can.

Beige Tempest
Frosty White
Frosty White Solid
Carbon Odyssey
Bronze Odyssey
Aspect Melange
Designer White
Alabaster Mirage

The compact range of designs and colours won’t fade or wear away and can be renewed or repaired if damaged.

The non-porous surface is resistant to stains and is easy to maintain, it requires no surface sealants or costly day-to-day maintenance. Over the years Wilsonart 4mm SSV material has become the preferred option providing all the advantages of traditionally thicker solid surfaces. By simply re-engineering the fabrication process Wilsonart SSV can create the same look and performance but at a fraction of the cost.

  • Non-porous eliminating the risk of stains
  • Renewable and repairable surface ensuring longevity in performance
  • Hygienic surface resistant to water, mould and bacteria – ideal for medical and food installations
  • Shapes and curves can be created for an overall moulded look
  • Opens new design opportunities for previously limited stone applications
  • Dry cutting for on-site installation
  • Achieve seamless joints to create a continuous, smooth finish

Please note darker colours are more likely to show scuffs and scratches, however, they can be repaired and sanded away with ease.

Please contact us for further information, or if you would like sample material.