Is it okay to have a fridge or freezer adjacent to an oven?
Yes, it is. Appliances are well insulated meaning there is no heat transfer between them. It doesn’t make for the best working triangle, but in a tight space it would be safe and acceptable to do so.
Is it okay to have a gas hob close to an opening window?
As a preference we wouldn’t. If design dictates that it must, always chose a model that has a gas thermocouple built-in. This will cut off the gas supply immediately should the flame be blown out.
Is it okay to have a hob right next to a tall unit or a wall?
We always allow room either side of a hob for pan handles and sensible working space. Being too cramped is both dangerous and frustrating, and nobody wants a grumpy chef. There are some regulations which are best followed – these state that there should be 200mm either side of a range cooker or an electric/induction hob, and 300mm either side of a gas hob. We use 300mm as it covers for all eventualities including future hob changes.
Where is the best place for an oven?
Away from main thoroughfares and corners if possible. For safety it is worth positioning it so the chef can place hot items directly on an adjacent worktop. If the nearest work surface is behind them it could be an accident waiting to happen.
Are induction hobs any good?
Induction cooking has made the kitchen a safer place, it is also very fast and efficient. Do bear in mind though, that your pans need to be compatible, so you might have to factor in the cost of a new pan set if your existing ones aren’t.
I can’t duct out a cooker hood, can I still have one?
Yes, you can. Be sure to chose a model that has the option to purchase a charcoal filter for it. The air will then recirculate through the filter, removing grease and smells as it does. Depending on usage, the filter will need replacing every 6 – 12 months
Can I have an undermounted sink with a laminate worktop?
Unfortunately, no. Undermounted sinks require a solid or sealed work surface such as granite, timber, Corian, Silestone or Encore
I want a worktop that I can put hot pans directly onto. What are my options?
Most worktop manufacturers will recommend the use of pan stands or chopping boards when placing hot items. Following their advice will keep your worktops looking good for years to come.
What’s the best material for a sink?
In terms of wear, we don’t think you can beat stainless steel. Purchase a tub of Bar Keeper’s Friend to keep it looking tip top (you’ll thank us for that one!).
Is a painted finish as practical as natural wood?
Both can be touched up should a knock or scratch occur. Chat with your designer about your family and pets before making a choice.