The working triangle

The importance of position

Efficiency is the triangle’s main goal, keeping the major work areas near to the cook, but not so close that the kitchen feels cramped.
It also aims to minimize excessive traffic within the work area

Thankfully nothing to do with the Bermuda triangle, this handy little trilogy is the core to kitchen function. It is defined as an imaginary straight line drawn from the centre of the sink, to the centre of the hob, to the centre of the refrigerator, then back to the sink. See the diagrams nelow for examples of different scenarios

There are a few rules to consider when using the working triangle, we’ve listed some tips below to help you:

Here’s how to work the magic

  • The sum of the triangle’s three sides should not exceed 6.6m, and each leg should measure between 1 – 2.3m
  • The triangle should not cut through an island or peninsular by more than 300mm
  • If the kitchen has only one sink, it should ideally be placed between or across from the hob, preparation area, or refrigerator
  • No major thoroughfare should cross the triangle


Example 1
Example 2
Example 3