Solid Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Bridgford & Greene Handmade, 100% Oak Kitchen Collections

At Bridgford & Greene, an exceptional level of care and attention goes into every kitchen cabinet. All of our cabinets, across both of our ranges, are hand built entirely from 100% oak, to ensure strength and durability. Moreover, we rely on tried and tested traditional craftsman techniques; such as, mortise and tenon joints with dowel locks and dovetail joints, to guarantee a lifetime of use.

A kitchen isn't just a room for cooking and food preparation, it's the social centerpiece of your home. At Bridgford & Greene we realize that no two households are the same. Subsequently, our two eclectic collections offer a great deal of customizable options, enabling you to create a kitchen that is reflective of your own individual style and meets the unique requirements of you and your family.

Our cabinets are joined using high strength Dovetail and Pegged Mortise and Tenon Joints for a lifetime of strength and durability.

Dovetail Joint  Mortise and Tenon Joint