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AEG F66603ViOP Integrated Dishwasher



This fully integrated dishwasher offers ample space for up to 13 place settings. It has a range of clever features, from its innovative Time Beam which projects the remaining programme time onto the floor, to its Extra Silent function, so quiet it projects a green light once finished.

This model has an impressive A+++ energy rating ensuring that minimal energy is used and subsequently, running costs are reduced. Moreover, its Time Saver function can reduce cycle times by up to 50% and its Auto Off features completely eliminates energy usage in standby mode.

It has 6 different wash programmes to suit your needs. Plus, it incorporates Sensor Logic technology, meaning it uses sensors to measure the size of the load and level of soiling, enabling it to meet the specific requirements of the load.


Appliance Width 59.6cm
Appliance Depth 55cm
Appliance Height 81.8cm
Aperture Width 60cm
Aperture Depth 57cm
Aperture Height 82-90cm
Volume 13 Place Settings


Model Number F66603Vi0P
Fit Type Integrated
Wash Capacity 13 Place Settings
Efficiency Rating A++
Programs 6
Estimated Annual Energy Consumption 211kWh
Estimated Annual Water Consumption                 2420 Litres
Water Consumption Per Cycle 11 Litres
Maximum Decibels 46dB(A)
Guarantee 5 Years - Parts and Labour


Please note: appliances are only available when purchased with kitchen units.