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AEG F78400Vi0P Integrated Dishwasher



This expert dishwasher is packed of functions that cover all corners of convenience, energy efficiency, quality washing performance and noise reduction. An Auto Off feature firstly reduces the machine’s energy output by eliminating energy usage altogether when the device is in standby mode. Overall the machine scores an A++ rating in energy efficiency, making it an invaluable cost-effective investment.

A quality washing performance is guaranteed, with a Sensor Logic feature capable of fine tuning the most relevant wash programme by measuring the load size and the soiling of the dishes. A FlexiSpray feature also ensures consistent quality with cleaning, as 5 spray levels, a satellite spray arm and a third ceiling arm never fail to miss a spot.

At only 45 decibels, the device is extremely quiet. A beam is projected onto the floor to signify the completion of a wash cycle.


Width 45cm
Depth 55cm
Height 82cm
Internal Volume 9 Place Settings


Model Number F78400Vi0P
Fit Type Integrated
Wash Capacity 9 Place Settings
Efficiency Rating A+
Programmes 8
Estimated Annual Energy Consuption 167.2 kWh
Estimated Annual Water Consumption 1760 Litres
Water Consumption Per Cycle 8 Litres
Maximum Decibels 45dB(A)
Guarantee 5 Years - Parts and Labour



Please note: appliances are only available when purchased with kitchen units.