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AEG FSK63700P Integrated Dishwasher



This fully integrated dishwasher is fully equipped to leave even the most soiled dishes outstandingly clean and sparkling. An intensive programme specialises in power cleaning those tougher loads, while a satellite third arm ensures corner to corner cleaning, without ever missing a spot. With Soft Grip, the machine also specialises in the extra delicate care of your glassware.

Aiding the machine’s immaculate performance further is the inclusion of smart technology. A Sensor Logic feature automatically detects the amount and the soiling of dishes, before tuning into the most appropriate programme for them. An Auto Half Load programme likewise will detect any empty space during a wash cycle, a reduce its energy output and water usage accordingly.

Innovative new Airdry technology optimises the machine’s drying performance naturally by opening 10cm during the last stage of a wash.

The quality of this dishwasher is perhaps best emphasised by its A class rating for cleaning and drying performance, and its A+++ rating for energy efficiency.


Width 59.6cm
Depth 55cm
Height 81.8cm


Model Number  FSK63700P 
Fit Type  Integrated 
Wash Capacity  15 Place Settings 
Estimated Annual Energy Consumption  241kWh 
Estimated Annual Water Consumption  3080 Litres 
Water Consumption Per Cycle  11 Litres
Maximum Decibels 44dB(A) 
Efficiency Rating  A+++
Warranty  5 Years 

Please note: appliances are only available when purchased with kitchen units.