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AEG FSK63800P Integrated Dishwasher



With convenience brought to the forefront of its design, this fully integrated dishwasher is the world’s first to let you move and adjust the position of the lower basket. With an adjustable upper basket too, the device gives you the total freedom to create more space wherever necessary, while making the unloading of dishes a much less strenuous task.

SoftGrip and SoftSpikes ensure the protection of your glassware during their thorough treatment during a wash. Sensor Logic too tends to the specific needs of a load. By automatically detecting the quantity of the dishes and their dirtiness, the device is able to tune into the most appropriate programme.

The device has been rewarded with an energy efficiency rating of A+++, and is designed with numerous programmes which specialise solely on reducing its energy output. An Airdry feature uses natural airflow to dry dishes during the last stage of a wash. An Auto Half Load feature likewise automatically detects when there is empty space during a wash, and reduces its energy output and water usage accordingly.


Width 59.6cm
Depth 55cm
Height 81.8cm


Model Number FSK63800P
Fit Type Integrated
Wash Capacity 13 Place Settings
Programs 6
Estimated Annual Energy Consumption 241kWh
Estimated Annual Water Consumption 3080 Litres 
Water Consumption Per Cycle 11 Litres
Maximum Decibels 44dB(A)
Efficiency Rating A+++
Warranty 5 Years

Please note: appliances are only available when purchased with kitchen units.