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AEG FSK73400P Integrated Dishwasher



Rewarded an A++ energy efficiency rating and A class scores in its cleaning and drying performance, this integrated dishwasher is a functionally sublime and cost-effective essential for any kitchen interior.

Using smart technology, a Sensor Logic feature automatically calculates the load size and the soiling of dishes, and tunes into the programme best suited to the specific needs of that wash. 4 different temperature settings and 7 programmes make the machine extremely capable of accommodating the needs of every load.

The dishwasher has an extra silent programme, letting you start a wash at any time without causing any disturbance. A floor beam signals to update you on the changing of stages in a wash cycle.

The device has 9 place settings. An adjustable upper basket lets the inside be modified further to create additional storage space when necessary too.


Width 44.6cm
Depth 55cm
Height 81.8cm


Model Number FSK73400P
Fit Type Integrated
Wash Capacity 9 Place Settings
Programs 7
Estimated Annual Energy Consumption 176kWh 
Estimated Annual Water Consumption 2775 Litres 
Water Consumption Per Cycle  9.9 Litres 
Maximum Decibels  44dB(A) 
Efficiency Rating A+++
Warranty 5 Years

Please note: appliances are only available when purchased with kitchen units.