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AEG SKE81221AC Integrated In Column Larder Fridge



This wonderful integrated larder fridge gives you total control of the storage conditions of your food. Featuring atop the door is a suave LCD display with advanced touch controls. In addition to the fridge’s standard settings, a Coolmatic function lowers fridge temperature briefly while you restock. This ensures your new groceries are cooled rapidly before the fridge returns to its original temperature.

LED lights are evenly positioned across the inside of the fridge, illuminating every corner. While shining brighter than other fridge lights, they also require less energy, making this fridge larder the economically viable option. An overall energy efficiency rating of A++ certainly supports this.

The fridge door is designed to shut softly yet firmly if left open, ensuring that your food never spoils and the storage conditions are never breached.


Appliance Width 55.6cm
Appliance Depth 54.9cm
Appliance Height 122.4cm
Aperature Width 56cm
Aperature Depth 55cm
Aperature Height 122.5cm


Model Number  SKE81221AC 
Fit Type  Integrated 
Control Type  Electronic Touch Control 
Defrost  Frost Free 
Fridge Capacity  202 Litres 
Annual Energy Consumption  103kWh 
Energy Efficiency Rating  A++ 
Guarantee 5 Years - Parts and Labour

Please note: appliances are only available when purchased with kitchen units.