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AEG BSK892330M SteamPro Multifunction Sous Vide Oven



By incorporating steam into conventional cooking techniques, this Multifunction Sous Vide oven gives a restaurant-quality gloss to all your meals. A humidity sensor uses innovative technology to calculate the appropriate amount of steam needed for each dish. While steam leaves a crisp outermost layer, it preserves a flavoursome, juicy core for your food. A Food Sensor may also calculate your dishes core temperature, helping you get your timings perfect for the best possible results.

A Command Wheel reacts instantly to touch, and allows you to navigate through the oven’s features including its 3 core cooking settings: heat, steam and a combination mode. An LED digital display features too to enable effortless operation.

While rich in cutting-edge technology, the oven has a sensational energy efficiency rating of A++, making it an invaluable long-term investment.


Oven Width 59.5cm
Oven Depth 56.7cm
Oven Height 59.4cm
Aperature Width 56cm
Aperature Depth 55cm
Aperature Height 59cm


Model Number  BSK892330M 
Fit Type  Integrated 
Control Type  Command Wheel with Electronic Touch 
Temperature Range  30c - 230c 
Door Glazing  Quadruple Glazing 
Oven Volume  70 Litres 
Total Electrical Load  3.5kW 
Cleaning  Steam 
Energy Efficiency Rating  A++ 
Guarantee  5 Years - Parts and Labour 

Please note: appliances are only available when purchased with kitchen units.