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AEG KMK761000M CombiQuick Combo Microwave & Compact Oven



This ingenious design reaches the heights of proficiency in both its microwave and oven functions. Most notable of all is a CombiQuick feature, which specialises in assuring fantastic cooking results at half the time a conventional oven would manage. A ground-breaking convection system entitled ‘Hot Air’ ensures heat is evenly circulated from corner to corner of the oven cavity. While significantly improving the oven’s performance, the oven obtains your select temperature much faster, enabling you to cut your cooking temperature by up to 20%.

The device has a microwave strength of a tremendous 1000W. It can cook, grill, defrost and re-heat to the same standard of larger appliances. The vast range of functions this product offers are effortless to operate with advanced touch controls. An LCD display comes with a recipe assist function, where you can select from several pre-programmed recipes, and the device will adjust timings and temperatures accordingly.


Oven Width 59.5cm
Oven Depth 56.7cm
Oven Height 45.5cm
Aperature Width 56cm
Aperature Depth 55cm
Aperature Height 45cm


Model Number  KMK761000M 
Fit Type  Integrated 
Control Type  Electronic Touch Control 
Temperature Range  30c - 230c 
Door Glazing  Quadruple Glazed 
Oven Volume  43 Litres 
Total Electrical Load  3.0kW 
Cleaning  Clean Enamel 
Guarantee  5 Years - Parts and Labour 

Please note: appliances are only available when purchased with kitchen units.