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AEG KMK861000M CombiQuick Combo Microwave & Compact Oven



With a CombiQuick function, this innovative combo microwave oven promises all the juicy results of conventional oven cooking, yet at a cut of the time and with more convenience than ever before. A specialist convection system ensures heat is distributed rapidly, precisely and evenly throughout the oven cavity. The efficiency of this function on its own allows you to cut cooking temperatures by up to 20%. Choose between an array of cooking, grilling, re-heating and defrosting functions and be ready to accommodate the needs of all your food, all the time.

The many functions of the device are compressed into a user-friendly Command Wheel, accompanied by an LCD display for on-the-screen instructions. An ingenious cooking assist function eliminates all guesswork from cooking. Simply select from a list of pre-programmed recipes and enjoy results of a professional standard.


Oven Width 59.5cm
Oven Depth 56.7cm
Oven Height 45.5cm
Aperature Width 56cm
Aperature Depth 55cm
Aperature Height 45cm


Model Number  KMK861000M 
Fit Type  Integrated 
Control type  Electronic Touch Control 
Temperature Range  30c - 230c 
Door Glazing  Quadruple Glazed 
Oven Volume  43 Litres 
Total Electrical Load  3.0kW 
Cleaning  Clean Enamel 
Guarantee  5 Years - Parts and Labour 

Please note: appliances are only available when purchased with kitchen units.