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AEG KSK892220M SteamPro Multifunction Sous Vide Compact Oven



With this SteamPro Sous Vide Oven, conventional cooking and steam cooking combines to give your home dishes the gloss of restaurant-style quality. A humidity sensor uses smart technology to calculate the needs of your food, before automatically releasing the perfect amount of steam to give your dish the best results. By adding steam, the oven will maintain your dishes succulent central flavours, while also developing a pleasingly crisp outermost layer.

The oven’s many programmes are easy to operate with the use of a sizeable touch sensitive Command Wheel and LCD display. This display features several pre-programmed recipes in an innovative recipe assist function. With the use of a food probe to measure the core temperature of your food, the oven will automatically adjust time and heat settings to give you desired results.

A Sous Vide vacuum sealer, used frequently in professional kitchens, features at the base of the design to preserve and enhance all flavours and moisture when cooking.

For an oven that accepts nothing short of an immaculate performance, it is also sensationally energy effective, with an efficiency score of A+.


Oven Width 59.5cm
Oven Depth 56.7cm
Oven Height 45.5cm
Aperature Width 56cm
Aperature Depth 55cm
Aperature Height 45cm


Model Number  KSK892220M 
Fit Type  Integrated 
Control Type  Electronic Touch Control 
Temperature Range  30c - 230c 
Door Glazing  Quadruple Glazed 
Oven Volume  43 Litres 
Total Electrical Load  3.0kW 
Cleaning  Steam 
Energy Efficiency Rating  A+ 
Guarantee  5 Years - Parts and Labour 

Please note: appliances are only available when purchased with kitchen units.